Vermeer Wisconsin is focused on introducing practical tools aimed at maximizing your operation's productivity. Access machine or job information more quickly with Vermeer productivity tools​.

Productivity Tools NOW available include:

Vermeer Projects Suite

Provide a professional, paperless job record to project owners. Upgrade options conveniently bundle utility mapping and bore planning functions. LEARN MORE | LITERATURE | VIDEO




Vermeer BoreAid® Design Tool
Provides graphic representations that make it easy for users to check input and design values of a horizontal directional drill bore. The program considers soil conditions, product type, machine and other parameters as chosen by the user.  LEARN MORE LITERATURE



Vermeer Fleet Solutions​
Know your machines – view key telematics, monitor productivity and help optimize your machine and operator performance on your fleet-enabled equipment. LEARN MORE | LITERATURE | VIDEO

Optional upgrade to Vermeer Fleet +Edge HDD: Vermeer Fleet +Edge HDD for horizontal directional drills turns machine-collected data into actionable information to help improve productivity on and off the machine. LEARN MORE


Vermeer BoreAssist
Helps operators change or create bore plans on-rig. Preloaded templates consider user-entered data for entry and exit points, depths, product type and obstacles. LEARN MORE | LITERATURE  |  VIDEO

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