Vermeer Wisconsin and Vermeer Corp were proud supports of the 2017 Midwest Compost School. The event took place at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, July 11th to the 13th. With the demo at HSU Compost in Wausau WI

35 students participated in the classroom and hands-on experience, they were provided three days of training on compost making, the use and facility operation.

Class topics:

Introduction to the composting process

Recipe development and feedstock characteristic

Compost quality and measurement

Compost pile building

Compostable packaging

Applications of compost

Hands-on compost pile construction

Midwest regulations overview and update

Composting is growing within North America, being part of their community, helping to educate and support is an important part of exposing our products and equipment line up to potential future leaders.


Wade, JR, Brad G and Brad Van Rheenen participated by  screening compost during the demo portion of the school.  They demonstrated the Vermeer TR620

Trommel Screen. Showing students the efficiency of the Trommel screen,  how screening the material provides more consistent sizing separating and maximizing your end-product.


This was great exposure not only for Vermeer product but also for who we are Vermeer Wisconsin.


Other competitors attended as well:

Komptech, Midwest BioSystems.

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