On February 6 - 7 we hosted our second in-class and hands-on drill school in Sun Prairie WI at the ATS training facility.

With the customer experience in mind, everyone worked very hard to prepare the drill school work site for the hands-on experience.Most of the 53 attendees were first time attendees! They were divided into groups of five based on years of drilling experience. This allowed our teams to provide the appropriate level of training for each group and offer more hands-on time to those who needed it most.Our partners were very happy with our drill school planning and our customer 

attendance. They also felt that the small groups allowed for better time spent with the customer allowing them to ask questions and not be intimidated by a large crowd.

“The best training school that I’ve been to in many years” said Brian Mattson of DCI

Customers felt they truly learned and benefited by attending. Gary from MJ called Paul the next day to let him know how his guys felt. “ Wanted to say thanks and that the guys were saying how good the school was and how much they got out of it”. He was really impressed.

Last year, 100% of the registration fee collected was donated to the “Wounded Warrior” fund. We did this as an opportunity to give back to the community. The cost of providing a Drill School is very expensive for us to put on, even though ATS allows us to use their facility at no cost. Months of preparation, specialists and sales personnel removed from the field for three days is a big deal, and a big expense to all parties. Knowing that we don’t profit, that we are supporting the industry and giving back to the veterans community is a good feeling.

So, once again all the registration fees collected from this years drill school will be donated, this time to Team Rubicon.

Team Rubicon is a group of Veterans helping disaster victims. Their unique skills, experience, and passion for serving, makes them America’s greatest national resource. Below is a tally of the disasters the emergency response teams have provided assistance with.

For more information visit Team Rubicon’s website.

On the last day, we hosted the 2nd annual Drill-off competition. We had two drills set up with a bore plan to hit two targets. If the first target was hit, they got a 2 minute time reduction, if the second target was hit they got an additional 4 minute time reduction. Names were picked out of a box to make up a team, the drill and the locator. Two-way radios were provided for the team to communicate. 3 sets of teams participated in the competition.

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