Vermeer Wisconsin was one of the first Vermeer dealerships formed in the US. Since 1961, Vermeer Wisconsin has been proud to call itself a successful family owned Wisconsin business which proudly provides Vermeer products, expert service and support to the State of Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan. Each of our four branch locations offers you full-service operations; specializing in selling, leasing, renting, training and servicing Vermeer and non-Vermeer complementary lines of equipment. Each branch is fully staffed with sales, parts, and service focused employees.  

Why do business with us? For one simple reason, our people! Our employees care about you and your business! Our people are proud of their company and it's products. They are the best in their field, and are all amazing, hard working Midwest individuals. With an average employee tenure of more than 11 years of service, they are highly trained, and passionate about our customers. They care and are your partners in the field providing you the best possible support in the industries you serve. They can answer your one-of-a-kind job condition needs to compliment your application.  

Why buy Vermeer products vs. competitor products? For one reason, our people. We believe that everyone at Vermeer Corporation, (headquartered in Pella, Iowa) are "our people" too. It is also a family-owned Midwest company, whose founding principles are the 4P's; Products, People, Profit and Principles. Vermeer's founding father, Gary Vermeer, had one simple slogan, "Find a need. Fill that need with a product built to last. And simply build the best!"   

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